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    Faux Teak by IZZY
    Izzy is a natural artist whose practiced hand creates a finished product that
    absolutely rivals natural teak in appearance and far outlasts varnish that must be applied annually
    to teak in order to maintain the lustrous look that is so valued by discerning yachtsmen.
Izzy Teak

Welcome to IZZY TEAK

Izzy Teak is a faux teak process that takes the place of natural teak. It is created by artisan, Israel “Izzy” Munoz.

This faux teak process can be applied to any surface to which paint will adhere, to include teak itself.

The “wood grain” that Izzy creates is astonishingly realistic as is the over all product.

Recent Projects

Izzy is proud to present a gallery of completed Izzy Teak projects.
Each was painstakingly handcrafted by Izzy himself.

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Why Choose IZZY TEAK

Faux teak is very durable as it is paint based as opposed to the vulnerability of the softer varnish.

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Izzy makes it a priority to offer flexible services to accommodate your needs.

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Izzy's Mission is to perform for his customers the highest level of quality services at fair and market competitive prices.

Izzy Teak

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